Tagi is one of two tribes in Survivor: Borneo (the other being Pagong). The tribe lost the first, third, and fifth immunity challenges, and is famed for surviving intact from there out until the final five (where Pagong was officially conquered at the final six). The tribe was eliminated in this order: Sonja Christopher, Stacey Stillman, Dirk Been, Sean Kenniff, Susan Hawk, Rudy Boesch, Kelly Wiglesworth and Richard Hatch (who won).

Challenge HistoryEdit


  • This tribe contained Survivor's first ever eliminated castaway, Sonja Christopher.
  • Dirk Been is the only male from this tribe to not make the merge, nor final five.
  • This tribe was the first tribe to "Pagong" a tribe after the merge.
  • This tribe lost the first challenge in Survivor: Borneo and in the history of Survivor.
  • Sean Kenniff helped name Rattana.