Episode One
Season 1, Episode 1
Sonja out
Challenge(s) Reward/Immunity: The tribes swam to a raft where they had to pass and light their bamboo torch. Once they got to the beach they had to lift up their raft and run to the big statue. On the way, there were torches that needed to be lit. Once all of the torches are lit, teams had to light up a fire bowl. First tribe to light up the bowl wins immunity.
Reward(s) Water proof matches
Winner(s) Pagong
Eliminated Sonja Christopher
Episode Guide
"Episode Two"

The two tribes arrive at their beaches. One would-be leader got on his tribemates' nerves until another tribemate took over. Pagong's leader also held up. At the challenge, somebody stumbled causing her elimination.


Sixteen castaways began the adventure of a lifetime, two miles off the coast of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea. They were pre-split into two tribes; Pagong and Tagi. Each tribe made it to their beaches within hours, Tagi at two and Pagong at three. Rudy tookcommand at Tagi, getting on his tribemates' nerves.Infact, no one at Tagi knew what to do at Tagi until Richard spoke up, ironically being the only one to not have began working at arrival. Richard was able to get everyone started on the right foot. At the Pagong camp, B.B. took on leading. Back at Tagi, Sonja cut her leg, but Sean, the doctor, was able to fix it up. Pagong won the challenge when Sonja stumbled in the water while carrying Tagi's raft. Sonja was voted off that night at Tribal Council.


  • Sonja Christopher was voted out in a 4-3-1 vote this episode. Rudy Boesch got three votes while Stacey Stillman received one.
  • Rudy's leadership attempt may have been due to his experience in the Navy.
  • Richard Hatch's occupation may have also helped him in leadership, as he was very persuasive.
  • Pagong won the first everchallenge in this episode.


Voter Voted For
Dirk Been Sonja
Rudy Sonja
Sonja Rudy
Richard Stacey
Susan Sonja
Sean Sonja
Stacey Rudy
Kelly Rudy